Micro Coreless DC Gear Motor(003)

Micro Coreless DC Gear Motor(003)

Model No.︰GM12-10C-30i-12

Brand Name︰MPM , Mafukbu.

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 20 / pc

Minimum Order︰50 pc

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Product Description


Typical Applications:


1.    Miniature robot 

2.    Miniature pickup camera 

3.Miniature digital camera focal variation 

4. Miniature monitoring device

5. Miniature revolves solar energy handicraft exhibition 

6.Miniature revolves the solar energy advertisement lamp box 

7.Miniature valuable horse vehicle race four-wheel drive 

8. Microwave oven turntable

9. Miniature pilotless plane

10. Miniature toy submarine

11. Miniature sprays the airship 

12. Miniature revolves the televesion antenna 

13. Miniature revolves the model clothes rack 

14.Miniature sprays the cruise missile to launch the platform 

15. The miniature train railroad changes axle

16.  Precise water and electricity instrument measuring appliance 

17. Precise medical meter

18 precise electrically operated toys vehicles, toy model 

19.Electronic door lock

20. Portable computer 

21. Automatic cabinet circle machine

22. Automatic window blind

23. Microwave oven turntable

24. Coal gas security powerful family

25. Timer



Rated Voltage: 12VDC
Reduction Ratio: 1:30
No-load Speed: 1300 rpm/min

Rated Speed:1200rpm/min

Stall Torque: 4200mN.cm
Motor Diameter: Φ10 mm

Motor Length: 12.4mm

Micro Gear Box Size:12(W)x10(H)x23.60(L)mm

Note: Reduction Ratio:

1. Reduction Ratio has the following choice: 1/3 , 1/5, 1/10,1/30,1/50/1/63,1/100,1/150,1/210,1/250,1/298,1/372,1/450,1/540,1/600,1/720/,1/900,1/980,etc.

2. Votalogue has the following choice:0.5V,1.3V,2.4V,3.0V, 3.3V, 4.5V, 5.0V, 6.0V,9.0V,12.0V,etc.

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