Micro Gear Stepping Motor(021)

Micro Gear Stepping Motor(021)

Model No.︰SM10C-5.015-12C

Brand Name︰MPM , Mafukbu

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description


Typical Applications:

Camcorder motor series
 Camcorder auto focusing
    Camcorder zooming
Fiber telecommunication motor
Camera motor series 

    Camera auto focusing 

    Camera zooming
Camcorder motor

    series auto focusing


●Advertisement lamp box 

● Medical supplies 

●Cosmetology massager 

●Pickup camera 

● Portable computer 

●Cabinet circle machine 

●Electrically operated toy 

● Robot 

●The toy train transforms the track 


●Solar energy handicraft lamp box

The toy train transforms the track 

Automatic window blind

Door lock Actuator

●Door openerl

●Digital Camera


Voltage:5.0 VDC
Coll DC Resistance:15
Step Angle: 18/63 (Deg)/step
Weight: 4.0 g
No. of  Phase: 2 Phase
Holding Torque: 1.071g.cm / 105mNm
Motor Diameter:
Φ10 mm

Motor Length: Φ10.2 mm

Micro Gear Box Size:12(W)x10(H)X9(L)mm

Reduction Ratio: 1:63

  (1. Reduction Ratio has the following choice: 1/3 , 1/5, 1/10,1/30,1/50/1/63,1/100,1/150,1/210,1/250,1/298,etc.Tel:(852)2342-9018
Contact person:

Mr Wong (Dennis)

   2. Votalogue has the following choice:3.0V, 3.3V, 4.5V, 5.0V, 6.0V,ETC.)


Ms Tse (Venus)